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Islamic Views on Evolution

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Orthodox View:

The Garden of Adam and Eve

Alternate Views:

What is the Origin of Man – Maurice Bucaille

And God Said: Let There Be Evolution (pg. 129-166) – T.O. Shanavas

Creation and Evolution in the Quran – Hassan Ali El-Najjar


The Story of Adam:

Surah 2 Verses 30:39

Surah 7 Verses 11-27

Surah 15 Verses 28-48

Surah 20 Verses 115-124

Understanding the Allegory of Adam



The Names

The Rationale of different words in the story of Adam

Islamic Scientific Views:

Revelation: The Metaphysics of the Future – Mufti Taqi Usmani (Maariful Quran)/ T.O. Shanavas (Islamic Theory of Evolution)

Creative Evolution – Maurice Bucaille (What is the origin of Man)

The Evolution of Man – Maurice Bucaille (What is the Origin of Man?)

Adam in Hadith:

Adam in the Hadith Literature

Could Adam (peace be upon him) have been 60 cubits tall? :

Who Lived on Earth 100,000 Years Ago?

Reconciling the Theory of Evolution with the Hadith Literature:

The Revealed Truth and the Empirical Truth

Alternate View:

The Fall of Adam (part 1: Before Creation)

The Fall of Adam (part 2: After Creation)

The Fall of Adam (Part 3: Conclusion)