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Time and Relativity

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The following excerpt is taken from “Islam and Science” by Mohammed Awal:

Many scientists assumed that almost all laws governing the physical universe had been discovered. In the 1900s, however, the discoveries of quantum mechanics and especially the theory of Albert Einstein changed and revolutionarise our understanding of mass, energy, space and time. The second message is that the concept of time is relative. Until very recently, time was simply a matter of consulting the watch.  In chapter 70:4 of the Holy Qur’an however, it is declared that the Spirit and Angels travel a distance which in human terms take 50,000yrs in a day. The humble writer believes that time therefore can posses varying flexibility for different entities. You know, let’s quote the whole verse and work with it once and for all.

“The angels and the spirit ascend to Him (Allah) in a day, Whose measure of which is fifty thousand years (of your counting)”.

Einstein’s special theory of relativity has revolutionalised our understanding of mass, energy, space, and even time. The relativity theory, which first argued that time is relative is discussed in this chapter. Now the messages contained in this verse scientifically are that: “their day” is equivalent to 50,000 * 365=18,250,000 of our days, period.

The limiting velocity according to physicists of physical matter is the speed of light which is 186.3000miles per second. Hence the dilatory flow of time is closely related to the phenomena of visibility and invisibility.  In all Holy Books, the statement occurs that the world was created in six days. With the present verse, the Qur’an expresses the fact that the used of the word “day” here differs from our ordinary concept of a day. Both Einstein and Lorentz have maintained that the speed limit of matter is 300,000km per second in a fundamental law of physics. If that is so, then it’s a statement of fact that angels cannot be seen in flight. Their velocity is (possibly) given in terms of material speed =18,250,000. Time which flows slowly in our physical world has no meaning for them. Entities with velocities greater than 300,000/second cannot be observed. How then can we observe the angel and spirit who

transverse beyond that speed? The fact that the relativity of time is so clearly mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, which started to be revealed in 610AD, is another evidence that it is a Holy Book.  Other chapters and verses which deal with relativity of time are Q22:47, Q32:5, Q23:12.


Mohammed Awal, Sheikh Ahmed. Islam And Science . Unknown. Kindle Edition.

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