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The Fall of Adam (Part 3: Conclusion)

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In the prior two posts of this topic respectively, I commented on the story of Adam in two parts. I described that these two parts were:

  1. Before the creation of the Universe
  2. After the creation of the Universe

As I mentioned in post #2, there is no place in the whole of the Quran and Hadith which describe the nature of Adam’s descent from Paradise to Earth. Thus, this is an area of comment and differentiation. The reason why I chose to interpret the story of Adam this way is that it does not contradict the text of the Quran and Hadith. The problem I faced as a student of knowledge was reconciling the hadith literature with the theory of Evolution (not Darwinian evolution by the way). The problem I faced was, since biology and paleontology has established that some sort of Evolution has undeniably occurred, including human beings, then how do I understand the hadith talking about the literal creation of Adam and various other issues such as Adam’s 60 cubit tall height, the creation of Eve from Adam’s rib, and other issues? One way to solve the problem is simply that these statements are allegorical versions of the real event; that is, they are relaying a hidden truth, and thus these narrations are not literal. This is one possibility. The other alternative suggested by me in post 1 and 2 of this topic is another possibility. However I found that this second possibility is more broad. With it I can reconcile all of the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) while at the same time accept modern scientific discoveries such as the Big Bang and the Evolution of life. Interpreting the story this way does not contradict the facts, as well as the narrations of the prophet (pbuh).