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Of Every Noble Kind

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Quran 26:7:

Did they not look at the earth – how much We have produced therein from every noble kind?

According to “Ishraq al Maani” by Syed Iqbal Zaheer, under the commentary of the above verse:

‘ Zawj is (not necessarily for pairs but: Au.) for kinds and classes too (Alusi).

The textual kareem, rendered as beautiful here, has the backing of Ibn Jarir, Zamakhshari and Qurtubi who cite examples of such usage in the Arabic language.

Sha`bi assumed the meaning of kareem as noble and commented: People are of the earth’s product. He who entered Paradise is kareem (noble), while he who entered Hellfire is la’eem (ignoble) – Qurtubi, Ibn Kathir.

The implied meaning is, adds Alusi, man is included in the allusion to “what Allah causes the earth to grow.” ‘


Zaheer, Iqbal. Ishraq al Maani.

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