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The Rationale of different words for the story of Adam in the Quran

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The following excerpt is taken from “Maariful Quran” vol 3 pg 551:

The Event of ‘Adam and Iblis : The Rationale of Different Words

This story appears in the Holy Qur’an at several places. The words used in relevant questions and answers differ everywhere, though the event is the same. The reason is that the subject remains the same when the main event is described. That the words remain exactly the same everywhere is not necessary. A narration could be based on meaning too. If the unity of subject and sense exists, variations in words do not deserve consideration. (Maariful Quran)

“Though the verses, which have been selected as references for
the addressed topics in these four chapters, are from different Suras
(chapters) of the Holy Quran, the coherence cannot be denied by
any person with an open mind and reasoning. These verses were
revealed to Prophet Muhammed, peace and blessings of Allah be
upon him, more than1400 years ago. However, only in the 19th
century, human scientists were able to start thinking with an
evolutionary perspective, particularly in biology and anthropology.
Their accounts can get a lot of support from the basic facts
mentioned in these verses.
We are absolutely led to one striking conclusion: The author of
the Holy Quran is not a human being. He is the Ultimate Scientist,
Who knows everything about Planet Earth and its inhabitants, as
well as the heavens and what’s in them.” (El Najjar)


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