Communicating with God: An Impossibility

Quran 42:51:

The following excerpt is taken from “Exposition of the Quran” under the commentary of the above verse:

The law of nature which is in force in the universe is conveyed to human society through wahi (revelation), which is revealed to anbiya (prophets) and not to every individual. Allah communicates in three ways. Two of these are reserved for anbiya and the third for ordinary human beings. He communicates with anbiya either by instilling the contents of His wahy in their hearts (2:97); or at times by conveying it to their ears, from behind the veil (as happened with Moses- (2:253, 4:16). Both these ways are confined to anbiya. As far as the other ordinary human beings are concerned, a Rasool is sent to them. The Rasool conveys to them the divine revelation bestowed by Allah’s command. (No man other than a nabi can be in communication with Allah directly.) This arrangement is made by the highly exalted Allah, Who takes all decisions rationally.