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Creation from ‘Clay’

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Quran 15:26:

We have created the human being from hardened clay of aged mud

The following excerpt is taken from “Quran: A Reformist Translation” by Edip Yuksel:

Creation “from” clay has two meanings. (1) clay as the substance of origin, and (2) clay as a place of origin. Both meanings could be true at the same time, though we learn from other verses that clay is not the only substance used in our creation; water too is a vital ingredient. Our Creator started the biological evolution of microscopic organisms within layers of clay. Recent scientific research led some scientists to consider clay as the origin of life, since clay is a porous network of atoms arranged geodesically within octahedral and tetrahedral forms. This design creates sliding and flexible layers that catalyze chemical reactions. Humans are the most advanced fruits of organic life started millions years ago from layers of clay.


Yuksel, Edip. Quran: a Reformist Translation (Koran, Kuran in Modern English) (p. 191). Brainbow Press. Kindle Edition.