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The Galaxies

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Quran 21:104: On that day when We shall roll up heaven as a scroll for writings; As We originated the first creation, so We shall bring it back again-A promise binding on Us; So We shall do it.

The above verse describes the universe as a written scroll of God. The metaphor of the scroll seems to be a figurative explanation of the collapsing universe of science. If we release an open scroll, it will recoil slowly in the beginning and as it rolls back towards the end, the process accelerates. After the Big Bang, the galaxies began to recede. “The galaxies that are now receding from one another will start to approach each other , gathering speed all the time. Over fifteen centuries ago the Quran stated that the receding galaxies would reverse their courses on the Last Day. Fourteen centuries ago, the Quran stated in the chapter, Coiling Up [of the universe], that the receding galaxies would reverse their courses before the end of the universe:

Quran 81:15-16: So verily, I call to witness the stars that recede.

(Islamic Theory of Evolution, pg. 55)


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