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The Transformations of Man Over the Ages

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The following excerpt is taken from “What is the Origin of Man” by Maurice Bucaille pg. 175:

In contrast to the above, the commentary suggested by the verses of the Quran which I shall quote below bears mainly on material notions. We are indeed in the presence here of genuine morphological transformations which take place in a harmonious and balanced fashion due to an organization that is strictly planned, for the phenomena occur in successive phases. Thus the will of God, who rules eternally over the fate of human communities, is made manifest in all its power and splendour through these events.
The Quran first speaks of a ‘creation’, but it goes on to describe a second stage in which God gave form to man. There can be no doubt that the creation and morphological organization of man are seen as successive events.

  • Surah 7, verse 11, in which God is speaking to man:

“We created you and thereupon We gave you form; thereupon, We told the angels: Bow down to Adam.”

Hence it is possible to discern three successive events, the first two of which are important to our study : God created man and thereupon gave him a form (Sawwara in Arabic)

In the same book (pg. 179), Maurice Bucaille argues:

“It is futile to seek discrepancies between the Quran and the data of paleontology, or with the information allowing us to conceive of a creative evolution, for there are none.”