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Establish the salah, the zakah and bow with those who bow

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Qurn 2:43:

And establish prayer and give zakah and bow with those who bow [in worship and obedience].

The following excerpt is taken from “The Study Quran” under the commentary of the above verse:

If this were a command to perform the specific Islamic prayer (ṣalāh) and give the alms (zakāh), as some understand it, it would be tantamount to a command to become Muslim. But passages such as 19:31; 19:55 (where we are told Ishmael commanded his people to pray and give alms); and 20:14 show that the canonical prayer and alms are not exclusive to Islam as understood to mean the religion revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. Other verses related to bowing include 3:43; 5:55; 9:112; 38:24. Again, bowing is a universal movement of worship and reverence, but it has a specific definition in the Islamic context as a particular movement in the canonical prayer.


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