And God has created every living animal from water

The following excerpt is taken from “Islamic Theory of Evolution” by T.O. Shanavas pg. 138-139:

Quran 24:45:

“And God has created every living animal from water: Of them some that creep on their bellies: Some walk on two legs: Some walk on four: God created what He wills: For verily God has power over all things…”

“Verse 21:30 uses the phrase “every living thing (minal maa’ kulla shay-‘in hayy).” Here, verse 24:45 offers additional clarification: “every animal (kulla daabatin min maa’).” This verse specifies that animals were created out of water and explains the categories included among animals. Humans and sometimes apes are the only living creatures that walk on two legs, while birds can fly and walk on two legs. Therefore the two legged animals mentioned in verse 24:45 can refer to birds or apes or human beings.

The grammatical structure of the above verse with the phrase fa mim him is highly significant. If the noun dabbah (animals) were applied only to rational or irrational creatures separately, the two phrases, fa min-hunna or fa-min-ha, would have been used in proper Arabic grammar. Instead, the Quranic use of the phrase famin hum in the verse conveys the Arabic noun dabbah (animals) in the verse refer to both rational and irrational creatures. Therefore, the verse states that a rational animal that walks on two legs was also created from water. Humans are the only creature that walks on two legs all the time. Moreover humans are the most rational of all creatures. Therefore, the rational animal that walks on two legs referred to in the verse is a human, so humans belong to the animal kingdom.


Shanavas, T.O. (2005). Islamic Theory of Evolution: The Missing Link between Darwin and the Origin of Species. (p. 161).

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