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Dark Energy

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Quran 51:47:

“And heaven— We built it with might, and We extend it wide.”

At the big bang, the universe had expanded from the state of initial singularity. The dark energy (postulated in 1998) makes up 68 percent of the mass-energy of the universe, and it is the driving force behind the expansion. It permeates the entire universe that has been inflating ever since and even lengthening the light wave and increase its speed. It permeates the entire universe that has been inflating ever since and even lengthening the light wave and increasing its speed. It pushes the universe to expand at an ever-increasing rate.

The universe will keep expanding until a certain distance between its objects is reached such that its density exceeds the critical density, it will collapse at the big crunch back to a singularity. This is the big crunch singularity (also called black hole singularity or unified black hole). This is achieved by the same dark energy, which reverses its effect from expanding the universe to contracting it. The word Ayd (Arabic for hands ,power, force, or might), in Verse, Al-Thariyat (47) above is perhaps a metaphor for the redshift phenomen, which occurs when observing distant clusters of galaxies and studying the expansion of the universe. Redshift effect in observational cosmology elongates very distant clusters of galaxies and makes them appear as fingers in redshift space, with an axis of elongation pointed toward the observer. Scientists called them fingers of God (see plate 5). This occurs at the end of greatness referred to earlier.

Dark energy and dark matter take up 95.1% of the Universe

Everything else is what we can see and measure. Dark matter and dark energy are really mysterious and vast aspects of the Universe. According to scientists, dark matter makes up 26.8% and dark energy is 68.3%. Astrophysicists can only detect dark matter indirectly by examining its gravitational effect on massive objects. They think both dark matter and dark energy help form the Universe, keep the galaxies rotating and actually control the expansion of the Universe. This dark matter may also have an effect on how the Universe is structured with some astrophysicists describing it as cosmic strings.

This is similar to the verse in Qu’ran that says:

“I swear by the Sky and its numerous strings, you are certainly at variance with each other concerning the truth” (al Dhariyat 51:7-8)


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