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Humanity’s Origin from a Single Life Cell

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The following excerpt is taken from “Exposition of the Quran” by Ghulam Ahmed Pervez pg 141:

Quran Surah 4 Verse #1:

O humanity! Adhere to the laws of your sustainer who initiated your creation with a single life-cell (6:99, 39:6) which split into two parts – one male and the other female – and through them spread so many men and women in the world.

(It is clear from this example that the origin of all mankind is one and the same and, therefore, subsequent man-made divisions have no justification. You must consider entire humanity as one entity) And follow the laws of Nizam-e-Rabubiyya (system of sustenance), through which all those necessities of yours are fulfilled for which you seek each other’s assistance (14:34). The first step, while establishing this nizam (system), would be with your own kith and kin and if you succeed in doing this, you will see how Allah’s laws continue to keep watch over you!)

The following excerpt is taken from “Evolution of Living Organisms” by Pierre Paul Grasse pg. 18:

All motile living beings exhibit a behavior which is adapted to their needs and insures their survival. This property struck Ernst Haeckel (1877) and led him to assign to the cell a “psychogenic faculty” that, to his mind, was as essential as assimilation and reproduction. The father of materialistic monism, the apostle of atheism, even goes much further. In his answer to Virchow (Haeckel, 1882 French translation, p. 84) he writes: “Isolated single cells exhibit the same manifestations of psychic activity—feeling, perception, will, movement—that can be found in multicellular beings”; he even talks about the “spirit” of the cell. Haeckel’s conclusions are based on unquestionable evidence. It is a fact that, during the course of evolution, “psychism” (a vague term, but which does include all types of behavior) continuously expanded and developed as a result of the elaboration and specialization of the nervous system.


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