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(2:11) We are but peace makers!

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(When it is said to them: “Make not mischief on the earth,” they say: “Why, we only Want to make peace!”)

According to Tadabbur e Quran,

“Ifsad fi-al ard (causing mischief on earth) is a specific Quranic term which means subverting the truth and the system based on it – a system founded on the worship of Allah and obedience to His commandments and laws as conveyed by His prophets. The Quran says that in the physical universe the will of the All Powerful God alone prevails, and this keeps it together and functioning smoothly. If anyone other than God had any power or say in its running, it would collapse and disorder would ensue. Similarly, in moral and spiritual life, if anyone other than Him were to have any say or the right to legislate and be worshipped and obeyed, it would utterly subvert the nature of morality, and ultimately poison the entire fabric of civilization and culture. As such, any effort that seeks to encourage this process is, in the sight of the Quran, abetting corruption and mischief on earth, even if apparently motivated by good intentions and done in the name of reform or setting things right.”


Islahi, Amin Ahsan. Tadabbur e Quran. (p. 135 surah 2 verse 11). Surahs-1-2-and-Surahs-31-50.pdf (

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