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Who bear in mind the certainty that they are to meet their Lord, and that they are to return to Him.(verse 46) Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favour which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all other (for My Message). (verse 47) Then guard yourselves against a day when one soul shall not avail another nor shall intercession be accepted for her, nor shall compensation be taken from her, nor shall anyone be helped (from outside). (verse 48)

According to “Exposition of the Quran”,

“The development of your potentialities and the correct ordering of your life is possible only if you adhere to the Nizam us Sala (the Quranic system) (2:153) with steadfastness and courage. Since you have become used to following the easy way of your self made Shariah (civil law), you will find the path of deen (religion; way of life) difficult to travel. But if you keep in mind that you will eventually have to confront Allah’s law of requital, you be able to overcome your egotistical tendencies and adhere to the divine laws. You do not be need to be told of the consequences of adhering to these laws. You have witnessed them yourselves. When you followed them, you were blessed with all the the boons of life and were pre-eminent amongst your contemporaries (2:122). When you gave up your adherence, your respect for law and justice disappeared. But this state of affairs can continue no longer for when the Quranic order is established no one shall avail another in anything, nor shall any intercession of one for another be considered, nor shall any form of compensation be accepted, neither shall they be succored (6:125, 2:123). This would be the case both in this world and in the hereafter.” (pg. 42)


Pervez, Ahmad (2010). Exposition of the Quran. (p. 42).

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