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There came to you Moses with clear (Signs); yet ye worshipped the calf (Even) after that, and ye did behave wrongfully.

The following excerpt is taken from “Tafsir as Saranbi” pg. 79-80:

Allah (swt) begins the ayah by saying “And surely Musa came to you with Clear
Signs”. Here Allah (swt) stresses and emphasizes the fact that Musa (as) came to the children of
Israil with Clear Signs. Musa (as) was given several Clear Signs to prove to them that he (as) was
indeed a messenger from Allah (swt). First there were the Clear Signs that were shown to Firaun.
These include the turning of the stick into a live snake, the turning of Musa (as)’s hand into pure light, the turning of the water of the Nile into blood, the swarm of locusts that plagued Egypt, and many others. Even though these Signs were presented to Firaun, the children of Israil had seen these Clear Signs with their own eyes. They saw how these Signs came when Musa (as) called for them and how they left when Musa (as) prayed for them to leave. Then they had seen even more Signs when they left Egypt. They saw the sea part into two, they saw the Manna and the
Salwa come down to them whenever they wanted, they say the twelve springs of water gush forth
from stone. They knew it was Allah (swt) who had given Musa (as) these Clear Signs, and so
they were certain that Musa (as) was indeed the messenger of Allah (swt). That is why Allah (swt)
reminds them in this ayah that Musa (as) did indeed come to them with Clear Signs.

But after seeing these Clear Signs did they then become true and sincere believers?
Did they do the actions that were required of their belief? Did they worship and serve Allah (swt),
and did they stay on that path as they had promised? No as Allah (swt) tells us in this ayah “then
you took the calf (for worship) after him”. When Musa (as) left them for only a short period of
forty nights, they took the calf for worship in his (as)’s absence. Where is their claim of being true
believers now? They had seen all these Clear Signs and they still turned away. Allah (swt) had
been preparing them for many years for being the bearers of His (swt)’s Message by showing
them these Signs and by putting them through trials. Yet despite all this preparation, and despite
all the Signs they had been shown, they still slid back into Shirk. They became the worst of
people by worshipping other than Allah (swt) even after they had been shown so many Clear
Signs. Where is their claim of being believers now?


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