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(2:113) The Quarrels between the People of the Book

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The Jews say: “The Christians have naught (to stand) upon; and the Christians say: “The Jews have naught (To stand) upon.” Yet they (Profess to) study the (same) Book. Like unto their word is what those say who know not; but Allah will judge between them in their quarrel on the Day of Judgment.

Asad writes,

“In other words, “God will confirm the truth of what was true [in their respective beliefs]
and show the falseness of what was false [therein]” (Muhammad ‘Abduh in Manar I, 428).
The Qur’an maintains throughout that there is a substantial element of truth in all
faiths based on divine revelation, and that their subsequent divergencies are the result of “wishful beliefs” (2:111) and of a gradual corruption of the original teachings. (See also 22: 67-69.)”

Asad, Muhammad (1980). The Message of the Quran.

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