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2:179 The Law of Equality

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In the Law of Equality there is (saving of) Life to you, o ye men of understanding; that ye may restrain yourselves.

The following excerpt is taken from “Tafsir As Saanbi” pg. 175

Al-Qurtubi says in his tafsir of this ayah that “Allah makes one firm in obedience
through obedience”. This fear that you have of Allah (swt) will prevent you from committing the
crime of murder. Once you have refrained yourself from this sin, you will find that you are able to
refrain yourself from other sins as well. The general lesson is that you start by refraining yourself
from the major sins and soon you are able to refrain yourself from the minor sins as well. The
principle is the same for both major and minor sins. The fear that you have of meeting Allah (swt)
helps you to control the urge of committing sins. For sins as great as murder or adultery, you
should feel truly afraid. But once you have restrained yourself from these great sins, you can use
the same principle to restrain yourself from lesser sins as well. Your fear of Allah (swt) should
restrain you from the lesser sins as well. So we see that by prescribing the Law of Al-Qisas, Allah
(swt) teaches this Ummah how Taqwa should be attained. Allah (swt) teaches this Ummah how
they should fear Him (swt). Once this state of Taqwa has been achieved, it becomes easier for
them to refrain themselves from the minor sins as well. Thus not only does the Law of Al-Qisas
prevent the Muslims from committing the major sins like murder, it also prevents them from
committing even the minor sins. They will think twice before they even harm another human being
or before they even speak against another human being. This is how much Taqwa has
permeated throughout their entire being. May Allah (swt) help us all to attain this Taqwa! May
Allah (swt) give us the enabling grace to remember Him (swt) at every moment of our lives and at
every moment of lives to keep away from the actions that He (swt) has forbidden!

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