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5:14 The covenant of the Christians

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From those, too, who call themselves Christians, We did take a covenant, but they forgot a good part of the message that was sent them: so we estranged them, with enmity and hatred between the one and the other, to the day of judgment. And soon will Allah show them what it is they have done.

Yusuf Ali writes,

The Christian Covenant may be taken to be the
charge which Jesus gave to his disciples, and which the
disciples accepted, to welcome Ahmad (56:6).
Glimpses of this are to be found in the Gospel of St. John
even as it exists now (John 15:26. 16:7).
It is those who call themselves “Christians” who reject
this. True Christians have accepted it. The enmity
between those who call themselves Christians and the
Jews will continue till the Last Day.


Yusuf Ali, Abdullah. Translation and Commentary of the QuranMicrosoft Word – 005 Ma’ida.doc (

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