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When the anger of Moses was appeased, he took up the tablets: in the writing thereon was guidance and Mercy for such as fear their Lord.

The verse 154 describes that the Prophet Musa (pbuh) lifted up the
tablets of the Torah which contained guidance and blessing for those
who feared Allah. The Arabic word: ‘Nuskha’ rendered as contents
signifies a writing copied from a book or other writings. There are
certain reports that inform us that the tablets had broken at the time
the Prophet Musa (pbuh) had put them away quickly. This time Allah
gave him the Torah written on some other material.


Shafi, Muhammad (2008). Maariful Quran. (Vol .4 surah 7 verses 155)English-MaarifulQuran-MuftiShafiUsmaniRA-Vol-4.pdf (

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