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12:43 The Dream of the King of Egypt

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 The king (of Egypt) said: “I do see (in a vision) seven fat kine, whom seven lean ones devour, and seven green ears of corn, and seven (others) withered. O ye chiefs! Expound to me my vision if it be that ye can interpret visions.”

This king was most probably one of the Hyksos rulers who ruled Egypt from about
1700 to 1550 bc. They were a northwestern Arab or mixed Arab-Asiatic people who etered Egypt sometime between 1720 and 1710 bc, and subdued the Middle Kingdom.
They used Avaris-Tanis in the Nile Delta as their capital rather than the Egyptian capital
of Thebes. Under their hegemony, which lasted over a century, they established a powerful
kingdom that included Syria and Palestine, and maintained peace and prosperity in their
territories, to which the Prophet Joseph, upon him be peace, must have made the greatest
contribution. They introduced the horse-drawn chariot and the composite bow, and their
successful conquests were furthered by a type of rectangular fortification of beaten earth
used as a fortress; archaeologists have uncovered examples of these mounds at Jericho,
Shechem, and Lachish. The Hyksos were crushed by Amasis I at the battle of Tanis, in
1550 bc


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