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12:65 Joseph’s plan in motion

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Then when they opened their baggage, they found their stock-in-trade had been returned to them. They said: “O our father! What (more) can we desire? this our stock-in-trade has been returned to us: so we shall get (more) food for our family; We shall take care of our brother; and add (at the same time) a full camel’s load (of grain to our provisions). This is but a small quantity.

The ten brothers did not take their father’s
refusal as final. They opened their saddle-bags, and
found that the price they had paid for their provisions
had been returned to them. They had got the grain free!
What more could they desire?
The spell which Joseph had woven now worked. If they
only went back, this kind Wazir would give more grain if
they pleased him. And the only way to please him was to
take back their younger brother with them. It would cost
them nothing. Judging by past experience they would
get a whole camel’s load of grain now. And so they
stated their case to the aged father.

Two meanings are possible,

  • either or perhaps both. ‘What we have brought now
    is nothing compared to what we shall get if we
    humour the whim of the Egyptian Wazir.
  • And, moreover, Egypt seems to have plenty Of grain
    stored up. What is a camel-load to her Wazir to give


Yusuf Ali, Abdullah. Translation and Commentary of the Quran. (Surah 12 verse 65). Microsoft Word – 012 Yusuf.doc (

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