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Hast thou not turned thy vision to those who have changed the favour of Allah. Into blasphemy and caused their people to descend to the House of Perdition?-

There is a particular and a general meaning.

  • The particular meaning is understood to be a
    reference to the Makkan Pagans who turned the
    House of Allah into a place for the worship of horrible
    idols and the practice of unseemly rites and cults.
    There is no real difficulty in accepting this as part of a
    late Makkan Surah even without supposing it to be a
    The Makkan Pagans had turned Religion into a
    blasphemous superstition, and were misguiding their
    people, persecuting the true Messenger of Allah and
    all who followed his teaching. Their cup of iniquity
    seemed about full, and they seemed to be heading to
    perdition, as later events indeed showed to be the
  • The general meaning is also clear. Selfish men, when
    they seize power, want worship for themselves or
    their Phantasies, in derogation of the true God.
    Power, which should have been an instrument of
    good, becomes in their hands an instrument of evil.
    They and their people rush headlong to perdition.
    “These be thy gods, 0 Israel!” has been a cry
    repeated again and again in history, in the face, or at
    the back, of men of God!


Yusuf Ali, Abdullah. Translation and Commentary of the Quran. (Surah 14 verse 28). Microsoft Word – 014 Ibrahim.doc (

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