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15:78 The Companions of the Wood

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And the Companions of the Wood were also wrong-doers;

“Companions of the Wood”: Ashab ul Aykah.
Perhaps Aykah is after all a proper noun, the name of a
town or tract.
Who were the Companions of the Aykah?
They are mentioned four times in the Quran, viz., here,
and in 26:176-191; 38:13; and 50:14.
The only passage in which any details are given is
26:176-191. There we are told that their Prophet was
Shu’aib, and other details given correspond to those of
the Madyan, to whom Shu’aib was sent as Prophet-,
see 7:85-93. In my notes to that passage I have
discussed the question of Shu’aib and the Madyan
people. It is reasonable to suppose that the Companions
of the Wood were either the same as the Madyan, or a
Group among them or in their neighbourhood.


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