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20:119 Nor to suffer from thirst, nor from the sun’s heat

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“Nor to suffer from thirst, nor from the sun’s heat.”

As T.O. Shanavas writes, “From among the billions of stars in our universe, why would the Quran mention the sun’s heat if the Garden of the Forbidden Tree was Paradise? Moreover, in every context (7:98, 20:59, 79:29 and 46, and 91:1), the waord (daha) or its derivatives are used in the Quran only in situations related to the sun.” Thus, he concludes that the Garden of the forbidden tree must have been on planets close to the sun, and the only possibility is, of course, the Earth. (Islamic Theory of Evolution, pg. 165).

Allamah Noorudin writes,

‘The garden spoken of in this verse was on this earth, as it
was here that Adam was placed and made vice regent (2:30). It was
not the Paradise to which the righteous go after death, and from which
they will never be expelled (15:48). The place where human beings,
symbolized by Adam dwelt was called a garden because of the
fertility of its soil and abundance of the fresh green colour of its trees,
and because they led there a life of comfort, as is shown by the words
that follow (see also 20:117).’ ((Exegesis of The Holy Qur’ân Commentary and Reflections. p. 351)

Again, an empirical interpretation of the esoteric. In revealed terms, this Garden was the indispensable
Garden of Return promised to believers: “Al Jannah”.

Allah knows best


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