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20:52 My Lord never errs, nor forgets

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He replied: “The knowledge of that is with my Lord, duly recorded: my Lord never errs, nor forgets,-

Moses did not fall into the trap. He remembered
the injunction given to him to speak mildly (20:44). He
speaks mildly, but does not in any way whittle down the
He said in effect: ‘Allah’s knowledge is perfect, as if, with
men, it were a record. For men may make mistakes or
may not remember, but Allah never mistakes and never
But Allah is not only All-Knowing: He is also All-Good.
Look around you: the whole earth is spread out like a
carpet. Men go to and fro in it freely. He sends
abundance of water from the skies, which comes down in
Nile floods and fertilizes the whole soil of Egypt, and
feeds men and animals.’


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