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A Book, whereof the verses are explained in detail;- a Qur’an in Arabic, for people who understand;-

That the signs, or verses, of the Quran have been expounded means that
they have been explained and made clear (Q, Ṭ) through the variety of
arguments and proofs for the Oneness of God and the truth of prophethood given
throughout (cf. 6:55, 97–98, 126; 7:32, 174; 9:11; 10:5, 24; 13:2; 30:28). The
Quran is thus described as a Book whose signs have been determined, then
expounded, from the Presence of One Wise, Aware (11:1; IK). In this context,
Quran is best understood in accord with its linguistic meaning, “recitation,”
indicating that God expounded the signs in the form of an Arabic recitation; see
also 12:2; 16:103; 20:113; 26:195; 39:28c; 42:7; 43:3. In other verses this
expounding is said to have been done for a people who know (cf. 7:32; 9:11;
10:5), for a people who take heed (6:126), for a people who reflect (10:24), and
for a people who understand (30:28), so that people may be certain of the
meeting with their Lord (13:2), and so that haply they may return (7:174).


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