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Not equal are the Companions of the Fire and the Companions of the Garden: it is the Companions of the Garden, that will achieve Felicity.

Cheerfulness of Paradise begins in this very life
The Holy Qur’ân tells us that one of the many promised Gardens is on
this very earth (cf. 10:64). Allâh says:

“They shall have glad tidings (for they commune with their Lord)
in the present life and (also) in the Hereafter.” (10:64)

The tidings glad in the present life are the taste of the “Gardens” promised in the Hereafter (89:28). We read: “They fulfil their duties (towards Allâh and His creation) and fear the Day the
woes of which shall be widespread. They give food for the love of
Him to the indigent, the orphan and the captive. They say We feed
you only to seek the pleasure of Allâh, we desire no recompense from
you nor thanks. We fear from our Lord the Day of frowning and
distress. Allâh will guard them from the evils of that Day and bestow
on them cheerfulness and happiness (in this world)”. (76:5-7)

In the words of Jalâl al-Dîn Rûmî: “When have you done something
wrong without suffering the consequences? When have you have done
something good without blessing being showered on you? If you
grasp the cord of understanding, and look at this world with a seeing
eye, you will not need to wait until the Day of Judgment to see the
effects of all your actions. If you want a pure heart, be observant, and
see for every act its own response” (Mathnawî IV: 2458).You read:

“Of the people there is he who sacrifices his very life seeking the
pleasure of Allâh. And (as a result) Allâh is very kind and
compassionate toward such (of His) servants.” (2:207)

They reached the exalted spiritual stations during their present life,
and as a result, they found deliverance from sufferings and sorrows
(10:62) in this world. The souls of these devoted servants of Lord are
at peace in this very world. They are already living in Paradise-like
condition. They reached the exalted spiritual stations in their present
life, and as a result, they found deliverance from sufferings and
sorrows of the Hereafter (10:62). They are those servants of Allâh that
He has chosen for Himself. They are the امَ
pure and chaste houris confined to (their goodly) pavilions“ (55:72). Allâh
has confined them into “pavilions” so that no ordinary gaze falls on
them. They do not make themselves noticeable with miracles (-
kramât), and they make no show of their piety. People do not point at
them and take notice of them because of their humble nature that
confines them. They are in fact the hidden guardians of the earth.
Their hidden holiness continues in the Hereafter. Abû Umama
transmitted the following Hadîth-i-Qudsî: “Allâh said, ‘Among the
most intimate to Me of My servants are the believers of humble means
who find their pleasure in Prayers, worshiping their Lord secretly in
the most beautiful way. They are hidden among the people. They are
not always pointed out, their mourners are few’.”


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