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Say: “O ye that stand on Judaism! If ye think that ye are friends to Allah, to the exclusion of (other) men, then express your desire for Death, if ye are truthful!”

(Say, “O those who are Jews, if you claim that you are the
friends of Allah to the exclusion of all other people, then express
your desire for death, if you are true.. .62:6)

Despite their kufr, shirk and moral aberration, the Jews claimed
(…We are the sons of Allah and His favourites) [5:18] and .. they also claimed (…no one shall ever enter
Paradise unless he is a Jew) [2:111] In other words, they believed themselves to be safe and immune from the punishment of the Hereafter,
and thought that the blessings of Paradise are their personal property.
Obviously, if a person believes that the blessings of the Hereafter are a
zillion times better than the blessings of this world, he must, of necessity,
wish for death, so that he is able to enter Paradise sooner and start
enjoying its blessings forthwith. He sees with his own eyes that this world
is not free from miseries, sorrows and hardships and one has to suffer
from certain diseases as long as he is living here. Then if he believes that,
as soon as he dies, he will certainly receive those numerous and eternal
blessings, a wise man should naturally wish for death in his heart, so that
he may be set free from this miserable world and reach the next world
where he will reside for ever in eternal peace and comfort. That is why
the Messenger of Allah (S) is instructed in the present verse to challenge
the Jews that if they are Allah’s children and His beloved ones and they
do not have any fear of punishment in the Hereafter, then the reason
demands that they should wish for death. Then the Holy Qur’an itself
falsified them in the following words:

j ( And they will never express this desire,
because of what their hands have sent ahead. ..62:7) In other words, they
will not wish for death because of the kufr and shirk and the evil deeds
they have committed . They fully know that there will be nothing for
them in the Hereafter but the punishment of Hell. Their claim that they
are Allah’s children and His loved ones is absolutely false, a claim that
they themselves know is false. They make such claims for worldly and
material gains. They also know that if they accept the Holy Prophet’s
challenge and invoke death upon themselves, it would be readily accepted
and they would die instantly. Being convinced of the falsity of their
position, the Jews will refuse to accept the challenge. A Prophetic
Siirah Al-Jumu’ah: 62 : 1 – 8 452
Tradition reports that the Messenger of Allah $& has stated that if any
one of them at that time had wished for death, he would have died
instantly. [Ruh]

(Say, “Indeed, the death from which you
[try to] run away has to visit you, … 62:8) In other words, the Jews’
running away from longing for death despite their aforesaid claim is
tantamount to running away from death itself. The Holy Prophet $& is
instructed in the verse to tell them that the death from which they are
fleeing would inevitably catch up with them. If that would not happen
instantly, it would certainly happen sometime later. Thus it is impossible
for anyone to avoid or avert death in any way.

Laws pertaining to Avoiding the Causes of Death
There are many normal causes of’death, from which both reason and
Shari’ah require man to avoid. Once the Holy Prophet passed under a
bent wall [as if it was about to fall down or collapse] and he passed it
quickly, lest it should fall down or collapse on him. Likewise, if fire breaks
out at some place, both reason and Shariah dictate that one should run
away from there. These circumstances of fleeing from death do not fall
under fleeing from death denounced in the above verse, if our faith is
sound and we believe that when the predetermined time of our death will
approach, we will not be able to escape. Since we do not know for sure
whether fire, or poison, or some other obnoxious thing will be the destined
cause of our death in a particular situation, running away from them
would not amount to fleeing from death that is denounced in the verse.


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