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86:1 By the Sky and the Night-Visitant (therein);-

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By the Sky and the Night-Visitant (therein);-

The appeal here is to single Sign, viz.: the Sky
with its Night. Visitant; and the substantive proposition
is in verse 4: “There is no soul but has a protector over
In the last Sura we considered the persecution of Allah’s
votaries, and how Allah protects them. Here the same
theme is presented in another aspect. In the darkest sky
shines out most brilliantly the light of the most brilliant
star. So in the night of spiritual darkness- whether
through ignorance or distress shines the glorious star of
Allah’s revelation. By the same token the man of Faith
and Truth has nothing to fear. Allah will protect His own.

This is explained in verse 3 below. The “Star of
piercing brightness” is understood by some to be the
Morning Star, by others to be the planet Saturn, by
others again to be Sirius, or the Pleiades or shooting
I think it is best to take the “Star” in the collective or
generic sense, for stars shine on every night in the year,
and their piercing brightness is most noticeable on the
darkest night.


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