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Microscopic Life according to Muhammad Abduh

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The following excerpt is taken from “MUHAMMAD ABDUH’S SCIENTIFIC VIEWS IN THE QUR’AN” pg. 2039

The manner of Abduh‟s scientific interpretation was based on rational dan pragmatic ideas that he scientifically developed. His commentary substantively reflects profound ijtihad and marked the primary important of reason in his discourse for he believed that: “in Islam there is no such thing as religious authority”, (either) the Caliphs or the Qadis or the muftis or the shaykh al-Azhar” (Asghar Ali, 2005). Abduh‟s scientific discussion on the ayat was profoundly based on Quranic spirit and authentic hadith as illustrated in the following points:

From his unique point of view, Abduh claimed that jinn is not really supernatural being, but ones hidden from eyes (which is ideally the meaning of the term „jinn‟). He relates it to modern science discovery of the microbes. In his commentary on surah al-Baqarah, verse 276: “They who swallow down usury shall rise only as he arises whom Satan infected by his touch,” he relates the passages on the one who practice usury as epileptics to modern theory of microbes which are to be understood as the Qur’anic jinn: “The „ulama‟ says that the jinn are living bodies which cannot be seen. The “Manar” has said more than once that it is permissible to say that minute living bodies which today have been made known by the microscope and are called microbes, may possibly be a species of the Jinn. It has been proven that the microbes are the cause of most diseases…however, we Muslims are fortunately under no necessity of disputing with science or the finding of medicine regarding the correction of a few traditional interpretations. The Quran itself is too elevated in character to be in opposition to science.” (C.C. Adams, 2010).


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