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Islamic Web Library is a resource center for Islamic information. Growing up, as a student of knowledge, I felt that coming to sense with differing opinions is difficult. Though the knowledge was available, I felt that it was quite scattered from scholar to scholar. The purpose of this site is to see these differing opinions altogether for scholarly benefit. Much of the material on this site has been taken from the E-Dawah committee and I am very grateful to them. Other sources have also been included.


The material on this website is open for study and distribution. It is all free and available on the net. Once again, the purpose of this site is to see it altogether for scholarly benefit. As for the books linked to amazon; they are also free or very cheap but must be accessed to the amazon kindle reader. This reader is easy to set up and completely free through amazon.

Finally, I would like others to know that distribution on this site is free. The books are completely free and downloadable. Please respect the scholarly approach and share the information responsibly. If you like anything you learn, please share with your friends and family.

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