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Self-Subjectivity of the Natural World

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According to T.O. Shanavas,

“Moreover, the Quran substantiates that natural events such as thunder, fire, and wind have self and subjectivity: “And the thunder extols His praise, and the angels are in awe of Him…” (13:13). The subjectivity of fire is well documented in other verses also. When Abraham was cast into fire, Allah said “…O fire, be you a coolness and a safety for Abraham.” (21:69). A verse relating to Solomon reads: “So We subjected the wind to him [Solomon]; it ran softly at his command to wherever he pleased.” (38:36) These verses guided Jalaluddin Rumi to write: “Air, and earth and water and fire are (His) slaves. With you and me they are dead, but with thy God they are alive.”

(Islamic Theory of Evolution, pg. 182)

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