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Creatures in the Heavens and Earth: Life on other Worlds

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Quran 42:29:

And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the
earth, and the living creatures creatures that He has scattered through
them (Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation)

According to Muhammad Asad, the term “Heavens and Earth” denotes:

‘Lit., “in both”. In the Qur’an, the expression “the heavens and the earth” invariably denotes the universe in its entirety.’ (The Message of the Quran, pg. 950, note #33)

And also:

“It is Allah who has created the seven heavens and a like number of earths. His commandments are sent between them, so that you would know that Allah has power over all things and that His knowledge encompasses all” (The HolyKoran 65:☐2).     

As written by Dr. Anisur Rahman:

“Hence, if we pay attention to the above Noble verses, it is very clear that the Glorious Koran says that the Earth is not the only unique and the only one in this Universe, and that, living things are also not only exclusive to the Earth. Rather, innumerable earths and living beings (seven earths may just allegorically means huge numbers) are dispersed in this gigantic Universe.”

The following excerpt is taken from “Quran English Commentary” by Abdullah Yusuf Ali surah 42 pg. 17-18:

“Dabbatun: beasts, living, crawling creatures of
all kinds: see n. 166 to 2:164.

Similarly in 24:45, and other passages, the word is used for living creatures of all kinds, life generally, whose material basis is the mysterious thing which science calls protoplasm. The more our biological knowledge
increases, the more do we marvel at the unity of Life on
the one hand, and its diversity on the other.

C4569. Life is not confined to our one little Planet. It is a very old speculation to imagine some life like human life on the planet Mars. Though no scientific demonstration is possible, it is reasonable to suppose that Life in some form or other is scattered through some of the millions of heavenly bodies scattered through space. What a wonderful Sign of Allah! The Almighty Who created such countless beings has surely the power to bring them together.


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