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Oscillating Universe

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The following excerpt is taken from “Quran and Modern Science” by Anisur Rahman pg. 52-53:

  1. Oscillating Universe (after Big Crunch again Big Bang):
  2. Allah (SWT) says, “Unto Him is the return of all of you; it is a promise of Allah in truth. Lo. He produceth creation, then reproduceth it…” (The Noble Koran☐0:4)
  3. “On the day when We will roll up heaven like the rolling up of the scroll for writings, as We originated the first creation, (so) We shall reproduce it; a promise (binding on Us); surely We will bring it about” (The Noble Koran 2☐:☐04). If we consider the above two Noble verses, it is very clear that as Allah (SWT) created the Universe initially, after collapsing the Universe, He will just repeat the sequences to recreate all (universe, human beings etc.) Some of the very recent researches have been carried out by few scientists are consistent with the above Koranic declaration. Scientists have suggested that the Universe started via the “ Big Bang” and will collapse via a “Big Crunch”. Then the whole process will start all over again. It has been, recently proposed by Paul Steinhardt of Princeton, who, together with Neil Turok of Cambridge University, resurrected a new version of the old cyclic, “oscillating” universe. According to this theory, the Universe may not have begun in a single Big Bang, but may be only part of an endless cycle of expansion and rebirth. Steinhardt and Turok proposed that during each cycle, the Universe fills itself with hot, dense matter and radiation, and then expands, accelerates and cools down. After trillions of years, the matter and radiation dissipate so much that expansion stalls, and then an energy field occupies the nearly empty universe. According to Steinhardt and Turok, this energy creates new matter and radiation to start the cycle all over again. Of course, it has not been finalized because scientists do not have enough observable evidences to support their theory. However, it is indeed a considerable progress towards understanding the possible future of the Universe, as well as the ultimate truth of the Glorious Koran. Scientists make mistakes; some realize later and do rectify their mistakes. But each Koranic word is beyond any mistake as it is the ultimate truth. 1400 years ago, no one in this world could imagine that the whole Universe will collapse by the Big Crunch and then again, experience a rebirth by Big Bang, a fact declared in the Koran very clearly. Why is this kind of very advanced fact being mentioned in the Koran? The reason is clear so that, people at different times could realize that the Koran and Allah (SWT) are the Ultimate truths and unbelievers during the day of resurrection will not get any point of argument. We should not always think that science have uncovered so many things in astronomy and cosmology; rather, we should say that there have been so much limitations just like an interesting comment by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s renowned physicist Saul Perlmutter “We’re still in the baby-step phase of cosmology”.
  4. (The Noble Koran☐☐:☐23) “And Allah’s is the unseen in the heavens and the Earth, and to Him is returned the whole of the affair; therefore serve Him and rely on Him, and your Lord is not heedless of what you do”. (The Noble Koran 30:58) “And certainly We have set forth for men every kind of example in this Koran; and if you should bring them a communication, those who disbelieve would certainly say: You are naught but false claimants”.
  5. (The Noble Koran 36:5) A revelation (the Koran) of the Mighty, the Merciful”.


Rahman,Dr. Md. Anisur. Quran and Modern Science (pp. 52-53). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

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