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All things sing the Praise of God

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The following excerpt is taken from “Islamic Theory of Evolution” by T.O. Shanavas pg. 181-182:

God endowed all creatures with minds. Animate and even inanimate creatures, such as fire, winds, and mountains have selves and a subjective faculty with which they can experience and respond to the Divine Will. The Quran attests to the existence of subjectivity with faculties endowing experience and response within the inanimate world, even though human beings do not comprehend it:

Quran 17:44:

The seven skies, the earth, and all that lies within them, sing hallelujahs to Him. And there is nothing that does not chant His praise. But you [human] do not understand their hymns of praise. Truly He is very clement and forgiving.

We also read:

Quran 41:11:

Then he turned to the heavens, and it was smoke. So he said to the earth and the heavens: “Come with willingness and obedience and they replied: We come Willingly.

The latter verse can be interpreted scientifically. According to contemporary cosmology, the entire universe was filled with radiation and plenum of matter (originally hydrogen and helium) formed from elementary particles (quarks) in a dense, primeval fireball of creation called the Big Bang.

The smoke described in the above verse is most likely a reference to quarks and atoms before they condensed into galaxies. The Quranic verses here describe a universe that was responsive to God since its inception after the Big Bang. The heavens and the earth in its early gaseous embryonic state (“smoke”) responded to God by saying, “We come willingly.”

The following excerpt is taken from “The Holy Quran: Text, Translation, and Commentary pg. 706 note 2229:

“All Creation, animate and inanimate, sing’s God’s praises and celebrates his glory, animate, with consciousness, and inanimate, in the evidence which it furnishes of the unity and glory of God. The mystics believe that there is a soul in inanimate things also, which declares forth the glory of God. For all Nature bears witness to His power, wisdom, and goodness.”


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