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God is the Lord of all Religions

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Quran 2:62:

Background on verse 62: This verse was revealed, in particular, to answer the concern of Salman Al Farsi.  He was a Persian who was raised as a Zoroastrian, but who then spent a number of years as a Christian, before finally accepting Islam.  He asked the Prophet about the fate of all those righteous Christians with whom he lived and studied before he entered into the Prophet’s fold.  The Prophet casually remarked that those people were going to be in Hellfire, (probably on the assumption that anyone less than a pure monotheist was in trouble with God.)   Salman describes his inner reaction to the Prophet’s words thusly, “The entire earth became gloomy to me.”  But then this verse was revealed from God to correct the Prophet’s incorrect assumption.  (Asbab ul-Nuzul)      

Those who believe (in Islam) and those who are Jewish, Christian or Sabian, anyone who has faith in God and the Last Day and who does what’s morally right, their reward will be with their Lord, and they’ll have nothing to fear or regret.  [62]


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