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The following is from “Exposition of the Quran” by Ghulam Ahmed Pervez pg. 1141:


               Ud-matun means the human characteristic of living together. Al-idam means anything, which is favourable (Taj-ul-Urus). Ibn-e-Faris says that the basic meaning of this word is mutual understanding, love, and affection. The word adam is also used for any outstanding individual, by whose virtue a tribr id recognized (Taj).

               It is believed that Adam, supposedly the first man created by Allah, (whose story is narrated in the Quran regarding his exit from Jannah) was the first Rasool. This is not supported by any verse of the Holy Quran, neither is the name of Eve (Hawwa) mentioned in the Quran.

               The story is narrated in a symbolic form and does not pertain to a particular person or a couple; in fact this is the story of mankind and Adam is its representative. The word Adam occurs 25 times in the Quran and only in one place (3:32) it appears that Adam was also the name of a chosen person. The greatest quality of adam or man is that he has been bestowed with the potential to acquire knowledge of how everything in the universe funtions (2:33), then all the malaika (divine forces) were ordained to bow down before him – come within his reach (2:34). Now it is upto him to utilize his potential and conquer all that lies in the universe.


Pervez, Ahmad (2010). Exposition of the Quran. (p. 1141).

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