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Expanding Universe

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Quran 51:47:

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The following excerpt is taken from “Physics and the Holy Quran” by Abdul Rashid Khan:

And with Power and Skill (with Hands), We constructed the Firmament (Heaven): And it is We Who create the vastness of space thereof. [Surah Zāriyāt, Ch. 51, Verse 47]

We (ALLAH) did create the Heaven with Might and Skill (with Hands) and since the creation of the Universe, it started expanding and is still expanding under the Command of ALLAH. In other words, We (ALLAH) are the expander of the Universe. Before the twentieth century, none of the physicists had suggested that the Universe was expanding or contracting but in 1929, Edwin Hubble and Guth made a remarkable discovery that distant galaxies are moving rapidly away from us, in other words the Universe is expanding. But this fact was revealed in the Holy Quran more than 1400 years ago as it is clear from the above verse of the Holy Quran.


Khan, Prof. Abdul Rashid. Physics and the Holy Quran (Kindle Locations 838-842). Kindle Edition.

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