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Quran 55:7:

Sahih InternationalAnd the heaven He raised and imposed the balance

Quran 55:8:

Sahih InternationalThat you not transgress within the balance.

Quran 55:9:

Sahih InternationalAnd establish weight in justice and do not make deficient the balance.

The following excerpt is taken from ‘The Study Quran” under the commentary of surah 55 verses 7,8, and 9:

(Verse 7)Heaven He has raised and the Balance He has set,

The Balance is seen by most as a reference to justice (JJ, Q, Ṭ), religious law (al-sharīʿah), or the Quran itself (Q; see 57:25c). It can also be seen as a reference to honoring the balance and harmony of the created order.

(Verse 8) that you transgress not in the balance.

( Verse 9) So set right the weight and fall not short in the balance.

In the translation, v. 8 is taken as a subjunctive. But it can also be taken as an imperative: “So transgress not in the balance.” The injunction differs slightly in each translation: the first indicates that one must not be tyrannical and oppressive; the second indicates that one must not withhold what is due to another (Aj), a theme found in many other passages; see 11:84; 83:1–3c. Insofar as the balance is related to justice, the fact that it is here thrice mentioned indicates the fundamental importance of justice as intrinsic to the order of God’s creation and also to human transactions. As the Prophet is reported to have said, “The heavens and the earth are founded upon justice.”


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