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He who made the Earth a habitat for you, Quran 2:22

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{He who made the earth a habitat for you, and the sky a structure, and sends water down from the sky, and brings out fruits thereby, as a sustenance for you. Therefore, do not assign rivals to Allah while you know.} [Quran Ch2 – V22]

The following excerpt is taken from “The Quran with Annotated interpretation” pg. 66 note 17:

These two verses, as well as expressing many other truths, establish God’s Oneness in Divinity, Lordship and His being the Sole Object of Worship, and describe what this means. Believing in God’s Oneness requires that He must be affirmed as the only Creator, Nourisher, Provider, as the One Who brings up every creature and equips it with the necessary systems, organs and faculties in accordance with its functions and duties in life, and the One Who deserves worship exclusively. All phenomena in the universe – from humanity’s creation to the earth’s being made like a comfortable, couch-like floor, and from the sky’s being built like a dome-like ceiling for us to the rain, and all kinds of vegetation brought forth to feed us – are enough to establish these three requirements of belief in God’s Oneness.


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