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Signs in the Oceans

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Quran 16:14:

{And it is He who made the sea to serve you, that you may eat from it tender meat, and extract from it ornaments that you wear. And you see the ships plowing through it, as you seek His bounties, so that you may give thanks.} [Quran Ch16 – V14]

The following taken from “Tafsir ibn Kathir” under the commentary of the above verse, pg. 22:

“And He it is Who subjected the sea (to you), that you
may eat from the fresh tender meat, and that you bring
forth out of it ornaments to wear.
And you see the ships plowing through it,

Allah tells us how He has subjected the seas, with
their waves lapping the shores, and how He
blesses His servants by subjecting the seas for
them so that they may travel on them, and by
putting fish and whales in them, by making their
flesh permissible to eat – whether they are caught
alive or dead – at all times, including when people
are in a state of Ihram.
He has created pearls and precious jewels in the
oceans, and made it easy for His servants to
recover ornaments that they can wear from the
ocean floor.
He made the sea such that it carries the ships
which plow through it. He is the One Who taught
mankind to make ships, which is the inheritance
of their forefather Nuh. He was the first one to
travel by ship, he was taught how to make them,
then people took this knowledge from him and
passed it down from generation to generation
through the centuries, so that they could travel
from country to country and from place to place,
bringing goods from here to there and from there
to here.

Thus Allah says:

that you may seek from His bounty and that you may
perhaps be grateful.
for His bounty and blessings.”


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