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The Mighty Conquest (of Constantinople)

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The following excerpt is taken from “The Unchallengeable Miracles of the Quran” by Yusuf al Hajj pg. 56-59

Miracle of the Unseen in the Qur’an
Conquest of
Imam Ahmad reported in his Musnad and Al-Hakim in his Mustadrak
on the authority of’ Abdullah Ibn Bishr Al-Khathami from his father
that he heard Allah’s Messenger, blessings and peace of Allah be upon
him, say: “Constantinople shall be conquered; and how excellent its
leader shall be and how excellent the army which will conquer it shall
be”. (‘ Abdullah Ibn Bishr, the narrator of this Hadith) said: “Maslamah
lbn ‘Abdul-Malik then called me and asked me about this Hadith. When
I narrated it to him, he went and tried to conquer Constantinople.”
Indeed, Allah, Most High, had actually made into reality what His
noble Messenger, blessings and peace of Allah be upon him, predicted.
Constantinople was conquered and the conqueror was Muhammad Al-
Miracle of the Unseen in the Qur’an
Fati’h, the 7 th Ottoman Khaleefah. His full name was Sultan Muhammad
Ibn Sultan Murad Khan. He was born in the Year 835 A.H. He assumed
the sultanate in the Year 856 and he ruled for 31 years.
The author of Al-A’lam wrote: “Sultan Muhammad Al-Fati’h was
one of the greatest ‘Uthmani rulers. He was a great and noble Khaleefah.
Of all the ‘Uthmani Khulafa’, he made the greatest Jihad and was the
bravest of all, most courageous, the most resilient and he exercised
firm reliance on Allah. He was the founder of the ‘Uthmani Rule, and
he created for them laws that the ‘Uthmanis followed for ages.
He had excellent qualities and beautiful traits, and his impact can
be seen on the pages of history. This impact can never be wiped out,
however much the times change. He fought wars in which he destroyed
crosses and idols. One of his greatest wars was the conquest of greater
Constantinople which he invaded with ships full of his brave soldiers.
He laid siege to it for fifty days – a siege regarded as one of the fiercest
in the world. He tightened the noose on its sinful disbelievers and
unsheathed Allah’s sword over them. He fought that war shielding
himself and his soldiers in the impregnable fortress of Allah. He knocked
Miracle of the Unseen in the Qur’an
Historical Sultan Ahmad Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey (also known as Blue Mosque).
It was built between 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Ottoman Empire.
on the door of victory which is usually opened for whoever knocks on
it continuously. He exercised utmost perseverance and resilience until
Allah gave him victory. He conquered Constantinople (today known
as Istanbul) on the day of the siege which was Wednesday, 201
Jumada Al-Akhir, in the Year 850 A.H. He offered the Jumu’ah prayer
in the city’s largest Christian Cathedral. Sultan Muhammad Al-Fati’h
established a strong and solid foundation of knowledge that can never
be uprooted .

He established schools there making the emollment in them easy
and laid down rules that were in harmony with the Qur’an and the
Sunnah and with reason. May Allah reward him with good on behalf
of the students who studied in those schools! For, while they were
studying, he allocated to them stipends with which they could meet
their financial needs. After their graduation, he gave them salaries that
could help them rise and attain the happiness in this world and that
could serve as a means of attaining prosperity in the Hereafter.
He brought great scholars from all over the world and gave them
generous awards and showed them extreme magnanimity. Prominent
among these scholars were Maulana ‘Ali
Al-Qawshaji, Al-Fadid At-Tusi, Al-‘Alim
Al-Kurani and a host of other leading
Muslim scholars. With these scholars,
Istanbul became an important global
centrer of learning and a source of pride
and enlightenment. The city brought
together distinguished scholars in every
field of knowledge. Till today, its scholars
are among the greatest scholars of Islam
and its experts are among the most erudite
wise men. Its leaders are among the most
able leaders of the mankind. The Muslims,
especially the scholars, are deeply indebted
to this great Sultan.

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Al Hajj- Yusuf. The Unchallengeable Miracles of the Quran. (p.56-59)

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