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Timeline of Creation – According to present day scientific discoveries

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Timeline of Creation – According to present day scientific discoveries

Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago – Emergence of the universal and cosmic background radiation. Numerous thresholds where chemistry and physics both at the nuclear level and at the visible levels take place.

12 billion years ago – Stars and galaxies.

4.6 billion years ago – Solar system emerges.

3.8 billion years ago – Life on earth and increased level of oxygen.

600 million years ago – After millions of years of a sterile period, bacteria appear along tidal pools leading to multi-cellular organisms. Most prominent is the jelly fish which is without basic sensation and motor response.

500 million years ago – First vertebrates with forebrain, mid- and hindbrain appear.

400 million years ago – Sharks and amphibians appear.

300 million years ago – Reptiles and winged insects with traces of social organization appear.

300 million years ago – Pangaea is formed = Supercontinent.

250 million years ago – Mammals and dinosaurs appear.

200 million years ago – First birds (well-developed visual system) appear.

150 million years ago – First flowering plants appear.

100 million years ago – India breaks away from Antarctica.

60 million years ago – North America splits from Europe. Atlantic Ocean is born.

45 million years ago – India collides with Eurasia and Himalayas rise from the ocean.

25 million years ago – Grass and herbivores appear.

20 million years ago – Apes and Monkeys separate.

7 million years ago – Hominids and early bi-pedals appear, then Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus and others, such as Neanderthals.

7 million years ago – Chimpanzee and Hominids separate. Improved tools and empathy.

2 million years ago – Homo Habilis with double brain size appears.

500,000 years ago – Complex tools and increased brain size develop.

150,000 years ago – Homo Sapiens appear, with agricultural instruments, innovations in speech, skills and teaching (the earliest skeletal remains of modern humans are dated 160,000 years ago, or earlier, with a brain capacity three times that of early Hominids).

120,000 years ago – Evidence emerges of burial rituals (afterlife) and recognition of ‘heavenly power’.

70,000 years ago – Migration out of Africa.

10,000 years ago – Agriculture.

6,000 years ago – Writing.

5,000 years ago – Civilizations.

600 years ago – Printing press.

200 years ago – Industrial Revolution.

50 years ago and today – Computers, Laptops and Cyberspace access.


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