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The Power of Allah (God)

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Quran 3:26:

Say: “O Allah! Lord of Power (And Rule), Thou givest power to whom Thou pleasest, and Thou strippest off power from whom Thou pleasest: Thou enduest with honour whom Thou pleasest, and Thou bringest low whom Thou pleasest: In Thy hand is all good. Verily, over all things Thou hast power. (Yusuf Ali)

The following excerpt is taken from “The Holy Quran: Text, Translation and Commentary” pg. 129 note 369:

“Another glorious passage, full of meaning. The
governing phrase in it all is: “In Thy hand is all Good.”
What is the standard by which we may judge Good?
It is Allah’s Will. Therefore when we submit to Allah’s
Will, and real Islam illuminates us, we see the highest
There has been and is much controversy as to what is
the Highest Good.
To the Muslim there is no difficulty: it is the Will of Allah.
He must ever strive to learn and understand that Will.
But once in that fortress, he is secure. He is not troubled
with the nature of Evil. Evil is the negation of God’s Will. Good is conformity with God’s Will. He does not cry with impatience against many things which give him pain and sorrow. He knows that “God is in His world”, and that God is Good. God’s Will is another name for God’s Plan. There is nothing arbitrary or haphazard. We do not see the whole Plan or Will. But we have Faith. All is, will be, must be, right in the end.


Yusuf Ali, Abdullah. Translation and Commentary of the Quran. (Surah 3 verse 26). Microsoft Word – 003 Imran.doc (

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