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(2:101) They threw the Book of Allah behind their backs!

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And when there came to them a messenger from Allah, confirming what was with them, a party of the people of the Book threw away the Book of Allah behind their backs, as if (it had been something) they did not know!

The Israelites had pledged to their own Prophets that they
would accept the Prophet who was to appear from among their
brethren. Now when the Prophet has come with an illuminating Book,
they reject and break their covenant. This commitment finds mention
in their own Book. Kitâb-Allâh الله َّ ابَ َ
كت – ِthe Book of Allâh – refers to
their own Book, the Torah and not to the Holy Qur’ân (The Holy Quran: Commentary and Reflections, p. 368)


NOORUDDÎN ,ALLÂMAH. (2015). Exegesis of The Holy Qur’ân Commentary and Reflections. (p. 368).

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