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(2:148) To each is a Goal

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To each is a goal to which Allah turns him; then strive together (as in a race) Towards all that is good. Wheresoever ye are, Allah will bring you Together. For Allah Hath power over all things.

According to Pervez,

“In spite of the great importance of having a centre, take note of the fact that having is not an end in itself; every nation has some sort of a centre. What really matters is how far ahead you are of other nations in working for the good of mankind (2:177). If you keep this goal in mind, then wherever you are and whatever you do, Allah’s system will make you a united community (because unity or cohesion depends upon unanimity of purpose or ideology and not on national or racial commonality). You should note that Allah’s law is cognizant of the measures of all things and has supreme control over them.” (Exposition of the Quran, pg. 68)

Ali Unal writes,

The sentence Wherever you may be, God will bring you all together has a wide range
of meaning, such as:
• The Muslims will be scattered throughout the world and turn toward the Ka‘bah in
the Prayer as a single community.
• Islam will spread throughout the world extensively, among many diverse peoples and
societies, having superiority or dominance over other religions.
• God will bring all the people together in the Place of Supreme Gathering and judge


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