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2:211 Ask the Children of Israel how many clear (Signs) We have sent them

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Ask the Children of Israel how many clear (Signs) We have sent them. But if any one, after Allah’s favour has come to him, substitutes (something else), Allah is strict in punishment.

According to As Saranbi,

“We know that the children of Israil were given several Signs to prove
to them that this Message is indeed the Truth. They saw the staff of Musa (as) turn into a snake,
the saw all of the plagues and the curses that fell upon the people of Firaun, they saw the ocean
part in two directly in front of their eyes and they even saw the mountain being raised and placed
above them. They knew that it was only Allah (swt) Who could produce such miracles and so they
knew that the Message that Musa (as) had been sent with was indeed the Truth. Despite this
certain knowledge that they had, they still refused to follow this Message. Even though they were
certain that this Din was from Allah (swt), they still refused to enter into it completely as they had
been commanded to do. Allah (swt) tells us about them here as an example so that we can avoid
being like them. Allah (swt) shows us that it is not simply a matter of being shown signs and
miracles, a human being can be shown all of the signs and miracles in the world but unless he
has the humbleness and the sincerity within himself to submit to Allah (swt), then he will never
accept these signs. So in the case of the children of Israil there is a terrible warning for us, we
must not think that just because we have such a powerful Miracle like the Quran, our Iman is then
safe. We must still strive to humble ourselves and submit ourselves before the Ultimate and the
Magnificent. Otherwise we will not perceive all of the signs that are in front of us. The children of
Israil had countless signs and they still turned away from this Message. This was only because of
their pride and arrogance. May Allah (swt) save us from ever becoming like them! May Allah (swt)
enable us to always turn to Him (swt) and to submit ourselves completely to Him (swt)! May Allah
(swt) allow us to see all of the signs and to draw closer to Him (swt) through them!” (pg. 11)


As Saranbi, Abduraheem (2019). Tafsir As-Saranbi. (p. 11). pdf/surah%20baqarah%20quran%20tafsir%20org%20saranbi%20pdf.pdf

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