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2:243 Prepare to fight for faith

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Didst thou not Turn by vision to those who abandoned their homes, though they were thousands (In number), for fear of death? Allah said to them: “Die”: Then He restored them to life. For Allah is full of bounty to mankind, but Most of them are ungrateful.

. We now return to the subject of Jihad, which we
left at n. 214-216.
We are to be under no illusion about it. If we are not
prepared to fight for our faith, with our lives and all our
resources, both our lives and our resources will be wiped
out by our enemies.
As to life, Allah gave it, and a coward is not likely to save
it. It has happened again and again in history that men
who tamely submitted to be driven from their homes
although they were more numerous than their enemies
had the sentence of death pronounced on them for their
cowardice, and they deserved it. But Allah gives further
and further chances in His mercy. This is a lesson to
every generation.
The Commentators differ as to the exact episode
referred to, but the wording is perfectly general, and so
is the lesson to be learnt from it.


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