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3:23 Muslims are allowed to follow earlier scripts except for what is abrogated by Islam

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Hast thou not turned Thy vision to those who have been given a portion of the Book? They are invited to the Book of Allah, to settle their dispute, but a party of them Turn back and decline (The arbitration).

Asad writes,

“Lit., “decide [all disputes] between them” – the reference being to the Torah.” (pg. 96)

According to the Study Quran,

“Al-Qurṭubī notes that Muslims can read and act according to the Torah,
except for whatever is known to be abrogated by the Quran or ḥadīth, and that
they are obligated to act in accord with the religious laws of previous prophets
(an observation he repeats in his treatment of 5:43) unless these laws are
abrogated by Islam. However, for al-Qurṭubī this would have been conditional
upon the text being authentic, and although the Prophet would have known what
was authentic, we cannot do likewise. Although tempered by questions of
abrogation (naskh; see 2:106) and distortion (taḥrīf; see 2:75), this verse and
5:43 can be seen to suggest, together with the Prophet’s actions, the continuing
religious validity and spiritual efficacy of previous scriptures for the followers of
those religions.”


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